My “Y” Story

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My “Y” Story

Humbly I tell you, I’ve been stopped more than a few times over the years and been asked the same question: “what kind of makeup do you use and how do you get it that smooth?” The answer was MAC. For 15 years. But it’s not that simple. Because the cover [all or nothing] look is a process – a process meant for being in front of a camera. With thick pasty creams, hard to blend colors, and an ongoing day long event. A process that I simply don’t have the time and (more importantly) the energy for. Never mind expecting the look to stay that way [considering that I need to blot and powder puff my shiny nose at least five times a day to keep it from looking like a disco ball]. Before I get into the bathroom I’m already thinking about the makeup removal process I’ll face at the end of the day and you can consider me talked out of it altogether.

Unfortunately not feeling well for quite some time, my physically o.k days had me wanting to look at least half way decent. I want to do SOMETHING with myself considering I’m shuffling kids around all day, near running an open house, and coming into contact with a parent or teacher (or two or three or four) that I’m certain look at me and wonder how many days it has been since I’ve had a shower. I just couldn’t stomach sitting in front of the mirror for an hour to get the look that I LOVE that won’t hold up for any length of time after.

Having known me since I was 16 and that I was always elbow deep in makeup, my long time friend Erin invited me to try Younique. I waited for most of my MAC containers to empty (the frugality will never leave me), put my kids in the car and drove an hour to her house to play with all of her pretty things [near certain this would be a waste of an entire day all while listening to the kids bicker in the back seat]. Erin sent my oldest daughter and I into the bathroom with 5 dots on a brush and, Younique touch foundation sold ITSELF to me. I always go into something a skeptic at first so I can’t be sold much but, I didn’t just WANT the liquid foundation and powder – People! I wanted to secure my future bottles, sell it for the discount lol. The mineral eye pigments? Ohhh the eye pigments. She had every. single. color. I felt like I was in Toys R Us and couldn’t pick what I wanted to play with. I wanted to tell EVERY close friend of mine who knows that time is rarely on my side, about how the quick application doesn’t make the morning routine dreadful. SO EXCITED that I’d no longer be scaring the townspeople with my raccoon eyes. I knew feeling pretty each day was within reach again. As a mother of 4 I adore convenience and support anything that provides me with it.

I purchased my $99 dollar presenters kit because it has full size product in it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.38.24 AM

I immediately made a fb group so I could have people to show of course. Not much fun sitting here alone right? I had already been giving tips and doing friends’ hair and makeup for years so this seemed natural and fun. More than flattered, this was my first message after asking a friend to be a part of my group:

” …you sent me that message about this page I was hoping you were talking about Younique! You are perfect for this and I wouldn’t trust anyone else for makeup advice. 😊 I got the liquid foundation and 3D mascara for Christmas and LOVE it! And I’ve been looking for a representative that I know and trust.” – C.M

And here I am. Before my first month ended I had over $500 dollars in personal retail sales and the second month $1,000 without even trying; only TRULY ENJOYING helping other ladies feel the same as I do each time I use my products – confident and beautiful.

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