About Me



If we haven’t already met, I’m Kat – a crazy mother of four. Three girls and a baby boy. I have a set of identical twins in the middle, one of which is autistic, medically involved, and developmentally delayed…SO, a great deal of my day is spent with her and her therapies as the center. By definition, I’m a “lifetime learner” (I really hate that term) ¬†given that I’m still in school at Penn State studying Psychology/Human Development & Family Studies [it’s a love/hate thing]. My twins were born prematurely at 26 weeks which left me dabbling in studies, cake decoration, puppy purchases and sometimes grief. I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t surface every once in a while. Along the way I forgot how to play. Forgot how to have fun, and forgot that getting ready each morning was something to look forward to… until I was invited to try some leggings… and then I buckled (as I usually do) and bought a pair. I couldn’t say no to the pull I felt towards products and people that seemed to have¬†this born again energy. So I jumped on the wagon. And the whole thing sure does make me happy.

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