Paper Planes

BXXF8824When I was a kid my brother and I loved paper airplanes. I don’t think I know a child who hasn’t tried to make one on their own; only to be crushed shortly after, as it takes a disappointing fall to the ground every single time (insert the laughter emoji here). But my dad could make these perfectly pointy-nosed paper airplanes. Just like the ones on the leggings I’m wearing. But even though sharp nosed planes glide beautifully for a mere 3 seconds [if that], the nose will crinkle and lose its shape eventually. I could never replicate that paper plane when I was younger.

Growing up, my dad wasn’t the nicest person. For reasons I’ll never know, [and would need a completely different subject blog for] stopping to make one if asked wasn’t something he did and more importantly, he wouldn’t show me how to fold them. I think I loved those paper planes simply because they WORKED! Who wouldn’t? In fact, they still entertain me. They’re just so simple. But sans google search and no instructions I only had that paper plane once in a while.

One of the first pair of LuLaRoe Leggings I fell in love with, are COVERED in those perfect planes. A few years ago I even entertained the idea of getting a tiny paper plane tattoo. For many, tattoo permanance isn’t appetizing but, for me I loved the idea that I could always have that plane. Afterall, we’re talking about a folded sheet of paper here, not an actual jet that I was longing for. And then I saw those leggings. I HAD to have them.


I took my 9 year old son to Dairy Queen yesterday, brought a couple sheets of paper with us and I asked him to make a paper plane for me (I can’t very well make a kid version of a plane now that I know how to make one that works).

IMG_5634A few paper folds that will be different every time by the way, [hahahaha] and he has a version of a paper plane. That doesn’t fly. Just like most kids.

Naturally after the internet happened, I found the directions for that plane and I absolutely love making them for Jackson whenever he wants. I think it takes a total of 60 seconds. He watched me once, asked a few questions and now loves to make them on his own.

The thing is, it’s not just a paper plane for me and they’re not just leggings.


It’s a simple kind of happy. A simple kind of joy. Whatever your “paper plane” is for you, I hope you’re covered in them… in life, or in leggings. And when asked, I hope you share or teach so you can pass it on. It’s not enough to keep it for yourself.  Share your planes.   xoxo


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